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Shiny Tag Tyborowski
Jewelry tag from a sachet embedded in a candle


Shiny JEWELRY tags

METTALIC shiny jewelry tags


Extraordinary solutions for jewelers or other luxury products.

Solutions for creators of pioneering artistic techniques.

BE ONE of the FEW

Why super jewelry tags?

Develop your business image

Worldwide unique labels attract attention. They do not overwhelm the product and do not go unnoticed. They evoke and consolidate associations with the image of your brand.
They are used not only in jewelery or pawnshops, but also where small haberdashery such as handicrafts, flowers, gifts will be elegantly and originally emphasized.
Thanks to their durability, they work well in sachets and wherever the information you need should not be shoddy.

What is Inkography?


Link to Wikipedia
Incographie FR, NL; incografia IT, ES,GR; Inkographie, D; inkografia, incografia, incography PL.

Inkography  (also known as  Giclée, art print )  is a high-quality digital printing of graphics in limited editions, with collector's value ensured by the author's signature and certificate. They require a white substrate, usually a special Fine Art paper.

Layered structural inkography

It is 3D printing with color factories

Our art is in the special use of layered UV printing to extend the possibilities to the third dimension and amazing lighting effects. Especially on various substrates such as wood, mirror, foil.

What do we expect

By jewelry tags

By new inkography

We are looking for regular recipients of our extraordinary jewelry tags.

We will help you adapt traditionally made designs to the requirements of layered incography.

However, there is a promotion on Etsy.
You can order smaller runs, e.g. as samples. Etsy brokerage keeps you safe.


We hope to interest artists in new means of artistic expression.

We will help you teach a different way of imagining than traditional prepress.

We expect that remote cooperation will not be easy. However, the current means of communication should allow. We do not treat it as business, but as co-creation. 

It can be compared to the craft that the intaglio engraver used to practice. The final artistic outcome was a collaboration between the artist and the artisan.

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