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Inkography art

Layered Structural Inkography 

This is actually the modern art of printmaking, where the stylus is the inkjet printer and the engraver is its operator and technical file editor. Low-series works of collector's value are created. There is no program that does this. Our way is to use the properties of UV printing layers on various substrates, including mirror ones. The combination of the convex properties of transparent color inks and opaque white inks combined with the possibility of surface texturing allows for amazing effects. Embossing is the simplest. 

Take note, remember, our know-how is not a computer program. The burin here is the printer driver and translating the parameters into the operator's imagination is a masterpiece.

It can be combined with other artistic techniques, such as gilding, hand painting, decoupage.
Unfortunately, our format is limited to 42 x 30 cm (16.5 x 11.8 inches). But they are bigger.
Colors do not fade in sunlight, paints are quite flexible but do not stretch like rubber.

Meanwhile, we offer unique jewelry tags made with this method.

We have already created larger works, including several icons, and above all, a copy of the oldest Marian icon - Madonna Advocata from Rome's Chiesa della Madonna del Rosario as it is in nature.

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