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About tags

Worldwide unique labels attract attention. They do not overwhelm the product and do not go unnoticed. They evoke and consolidate associations with the image of your brand.
They will be used not only in jewelery or pawnshops, but also where small haberdashery such as hand-made items, flowers, gifts will be emphasized elegantly and original. 

Thanks to their durability, they work well in sachets and wherever the necessary information should not be sophisticated, non-irritating, shoddy. 
Similar ones are the most common, and the metallicity comes from foil stamping, which features such as sensitivity to moisture, hanging method and color limitations.


Precise cutting is part of our specialization. This two shapes are preferred by customers. Others will be made to order.
Sealing tags are a novelty.

How tags are delivered. Sheets with perforations for clipping into binders.

You will receive our tags on B5 sheets with perforation convenient for clipping into binders of various types.



jak skladac Ogon.png
dimensions of rat tail tags



Sealing tags

An example of a label-seal for hygiene warning

We want to return to the idea of elegant tags acting as seals. We made a few after inquiries, which means that there is a need.
For high-end products where branding and aesthetics are critical, a traditional seal may not be visually appealing or may even spoil the overall image of the product. In such cases, an elegant tag can subtly and sophisticatedly authenticate the product and add elegance to its presentation. In addition, in some industries or cultures, the use of a traditional seal may be viewed as antiquated or inappropriate. Elegant tags offer a modern and inclusive alternative that can be used in a variety of contexts.

How a seal tag works. A crushing microprobe is used.
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